Character Classes

Character Classes #

What are Character Classes? #

Character Classes are used to define different types of player characters in your game, what assets they can use or equip, and what assets they have in their inventory by default.

Creating a Character Class #

To create a new Character Class, click the Add Character Class button in the upper right corner of the Character Class menu. Enter the name of the Character Class and select if this Class should be the Default Character Class. Click the Save Settings button to save this Character Class.

Default Character Class #

The Default Character Class is the Character Class that a player is assigned when they start your game. A Default Character Class must always be defined.

Default Loadout #

The Default Loadout of a Character Class is used to define what Assets a player with the specific Character Class will be assigned and equipped when their Character is created. The Default Loadout will display empty Asset Contexts Loadout Slots that have been assigned to this Character Class. To add an Asset to this Loadout Slot, click the Add Asset button in the corresponding Context Loadout Slot and select an Asset from the pop up modal.