Development Environments

Development Environments #

LootLocker makes it safe and easy to make individual and bulk changes to the data stored with LootLocker through the Development Environments system. The two Environments are Staging and Live.

Staging & Live #

LootLocker features a Development Environment that allows you to make changes safely to your game data, and test changes before they go live in your game. The Staging Environment (Stage) is where all changes are made and tested. The Live Environment is the version of data that your live game points to, and where changes cannot be made directly. To make changes to the Live Environment, the changes must be first made in Staging, and then merged into Live.

Switching Between Environments #

The currently active Environment is displayed in the Environment Switcher near the top of the Management Console Side Bar. Clicking on the Switcher changes to the other Environment. It is only possible to edit data when in the Staging Environment.

Editing Data in Staging Environment #

When working in the Management Console, all changes made to features, assets, or settings must be made in the Staging (Stage) Environment. These changes can be tested through your game client.

Testing Data in Staging Environment #

To test the data in your Staging Environment set the development_mode flag to true in the authentication request when starting your game. View more information about testing data in the Staging Environment.

Reviewing Changes and Merging Data #

When you are ready for changes to be merged into the Live Environment, click the Review Changes link in the Side Bar. After all of the changes made to the Staging Environment have been loaded, you will be able to review and select which changes you would like to merge into the Live Environment. Select the changes with the tick box and click Push Selected To Live to merge these changes to the Live Environment.

Alternatively, you can select Revert Selected to undo the changes you have made to the selected items and restore them back to the values that were last merged into the Live Environment.