Easy Use Prefabs

Easy Use Prefabs #

This document shows how to get up to speed quickly in your game by making use of our already existing code.

We have a set of prefabs we call EasyUsePrefabs. You can drag them into an empty scene with an event system and just interact with them. It pulls directly from your game and so it makes it easy for you to see how the settings you have in your game interacts with the your players.

In theory. you can reuse these scripts for your game. Or even customize the UI and use directly in your game. Things should just work unless you have special requirements.

How to check out prefabs #

  1. Create a new Unity Scene.
  2. Add an event system to the scene (right click on hierarchy window, hover on UI, click on event system).
  3. Locate the prefabs in the folder LootLocker/SampleApp/EasyUsePrefabs.
  4. Drag anyone of them into the scene to see how they work.
  5. Click on play
  6. Your scene will be populated with the data for that user

NOTE: If you modify modify any of the scripts, you would be modifying the sample app currently available. Since these scripts are shared with the sample app. This means you might end up breaking them. Anytime you update the SDK, your changes will also be overwritten.

To use these prefabs in your own game, we advice you modify the prefab itself. You are free to modify and use it as long as you keep the references.