Configure the SDK
It’s time to connect the SDK in your project to the LootLocker Management Console. Depending on the game engine, there might be different ways to achieve this, so make sure you read everything before getting started.
Now that you have installed the SDK into your Unity project, you will want to connect the Unity project to your game in the LootLocker Management Console. The following steps walk you through configuring the LootLocker Unity SDK to work with a game that has already been created in the LootLocker Management Console. If you haven’t created a game or account yet, please visit or follow this guide.

Configure via Project Settings

Login to the LootLocker Management Console by visiting
Click on Game Settings and copy your API Key.
Return to the Unity Editor, Click on Edit, and then Project Settings.
Click on LootLocker SDK in the list to the left and fill in your API Key copied from the LootLocker dashboard.
Fill in all information based on data from the LootLocker Settings Menu.
  • API Key is found in Game Settings in the LootLocker Management Console.
  • Game Version refers to the current version of the game in the format (the 3 and 4 being optional but recommended).
  • Platform is the name of the platform the game will be built for (e.g Steam, PSN, Android, iOS).
  • Environment lets you test your unpublished changes in the LootLocker Management Console by selecting Development instead of Live.
  • Current Debug Level allows you to configure the debug level of the SDK. This can be set to Errors Only, Normal Only, or Off.
  • Allow Token Refresh can be selected so that the SDK automatically attempts to refresh the session token if it expires. Otherwise the session token needs to be renewed manually.
You have now configured the LootLocker SDK. In the next section you will learn how to make your first API calls.
Last modified 6mo ago