Make Your First API Call
When you start working with LootLocker, the service’s feature set might seem a bit daunting at first. This tutorial hopes to demystify API calls and help you understand how API calls are made and handled by having you make your game’s first API calls.
The first API call you will want your game to make is to verify the player in order to register a session with LootLocker. This changes platform-to-platform as different platforms have different ways and requirements for how players are authenticated. In general, verifying a player requires that your game receives a token from the First Party platform that is then sent to LootLocker for verification with that specific First Party platform. This lets LootLocker know to expect a new Session Registration request from this player.
We currently support the following platforms. If the platform you are developing towards is not listed below, please let us know so we can provide support for it.
If you're just getting started or still haven't decided which platform your game will be released on, we recommend that you start with Guest Login
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