Player Segments

Player Segments #

What are Player Segments? #

Player Segments are used to create groups of players based on certain criteria. These groups can be gifted Assets or used by other LootLocker features.

Creating a New Player Segment #

To create a new Player Segment, click on the Create Player Segment button in the Segments Menu and give your Player Segment a name. Once created, you can begin defining the criteria for your Segment and what Actions to perform on this Segment. The criteria below are not mutually exclusive and can be combined to create all kinds of Segments. The following information can be used when creating a Player Segment:

Name: The name of this Player Segment.

Player Count: The number of players within this Segment, based on the criteria you have selected. This value will update when the Segment is saved.

Hard Purchase: Only include players in this Segment who have made Hard Currency purchases.

Soft Purchase: Only include players in this Segment who have made Soft Currency purchases.

Owns DLC: Only include players in this Segment who own a specific DLC.

Purchased Specific Asset Type: Only include players in this Segment who have purchased a specific Asset Type.

Platform: Only include players from a specific Platform.

Join Date: Only include players who began playing your game before or after a specific date.

Last Active Date: Only include players who have been active before or after a specific date.

Once you have entered the criteria for your Player Segment, click the Save button to save your Segment and retrieve the number of players who match the defined criteria.

Performing an Action on a Player Segment #

Once your Segment has been created, you can choose to perform actions on that particular Segment. At the moment, it is only possible to grant Assets to Player Segments.

Asset Grant #

To grant an Asset to the Player Segment, click the Create Asset Grant button in the Segment Menu. This will display the Asset Selector where you can select which Asset to grant to the Player Segment. If you would like to grant many Assets to the Player Segment, it is suggested that you create an Asset Package first, and then select this package in the pop up modal.

Retrieving Player Segment List #

If you would like a list of all players within a Segment, click the Get Players in Segment button at the bottom of the Segment Menu. This is not a necessary step when creating or applying actions onto a Segment. Please note that this action can take some time to load.