What is a DLC? #

The LootLocker DLC feature lets you create a unlockable group of unlockable Assets that are connected to First Party DLC systems. DLCs are created on the First Party website as well as in the LootLocker DLC Menu, and then connected together with a DLC identifier or id. When a player starts your game, LootLocker (with the help of the game client) checks their First Party account for any new DLC, and then migrates the content into their Inventory.

What is DLC Migration? #

DLC Migration refers to the process of unlocking the LootLocker DLC content after verifying the DLC purchase on the First Party platform. DLC Migration can be used to create exciting DLC packages that can be sold alongside your game, while avoiding having to actually include any Assets to be downloaded from the First Party platform.

Creating a DLC #

To create a DLC, click the Add DLC button in the DLC Menu. In the pop-up modal, enter the DLC’s name and select which Platform you want to connect the DLC to. Once created, you will be able to fill in all of the necessary information required for the DLC to function.

Name: The name of the DLC.

DLC Identifier: The identifier or app id that is assigned to the DLC from the First Party.

Platform: Select which First Party platform this DLC will connect to.

Created: The date when this DLC was created.

Updated: The most recent date this DLC was edited.

Active: Allows you to set the DLC as Active or Inactive. If set to Inactive, the DLC Migration will not be checked.

Contents: A list of all Assets that have been added to the DLC.

Adding Assets to DLC #

To add Assets to the DLC’s Contents, click the Add Asset button and search and select an Asset from the pop up modal.