Using the Mobile App
The LootLocker mobile app demonstrates how LootLocker features can be used in a game, and how the LootLocker Management Console can communicate directly with the game.
The mobile app is split into five different sections:

Player Profile

The Player Profile screen displays relevant information about the player, like the username, Player ID (searchable in the Player Manager), Character Class, Credits (currency), Level (progression), and which Character is currently selected.
The Player Profile screen also displays the character's progression, the most recent message, and buttons for granting Credits, XP, or for creating and editing Key/Values.
Learn more about the Player Profile screen here.


The Inventory screen displays what assets the character has in its inventory and allows these assets to be equipped.
Learn more about the Inventory screen here.


The Store screen allows the purchasing of assets using the in-app currency (Credits).
Learn more about the Store screen here.

Game Systems

The Game Systems menu provides access to a variety of Game System demonstrations like Collectables, Leaderboards, and Missions.
Learn more about Game Systems here.


The Settings menu lets you change character or player, refresh game data, and logout of the app.
Learn more about the Settings menu here.
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