Rarity Assets

Rarity Assets #

What is a Rarity Asset? #

A Rarity Asset is an Asset that has been assigned the Loot Box Package Complexity. The Loot Box Package Complexity adds the ability to have LootLocker randomly select an Asset from a predefined drop table of Assets. The Loot Box Package Complexity uses Rarity Groups to randomly select which Asset a player will receive when an Asset with this Complexity is opened. Each Rarity Group can be populated with Assets and then assigned a Weight to define its Rarity. The Assets within a Rarity Group are selected at random (no weighting) once a Rarity Group has been selected.

Creating a Rarity Asset #

Before creating a Rarity Asset you must first set up Asset Contexts. Once configured, navigate to the Asset Manager and create a new Asset with the Asset Context you have assigned the Rarity Asset Complexity to.

In the Loot Box Contents tab in the Asset properties, click the Add Group button to create Rarity Groups, and Add Asset to select which Asset you would like to add to the group. Enter a Rarity Weight (any number above 1) and use the Rarity Display (ratio and percentage chance) to understand how likely it is that this Rarity Group will be selected.

When this Asset is granted to the player, LootLocker will automatically select an Asset Group based on the Rarity Weight and grant an Asset from that group to the player.