Unreal SDK Blueprint APIs

Blueprint Guide #

This document explains how to access LootLocker APIs via Blueprint.

Connecting to LootLocker #

Setting Config #

V1.0.0 #

It is important that in your first ever Blueprint class you set the LootLocker configurations.

  1. Right click within the Event Graph of your blueprint class and locate “LootLocker Settings” category.
  2. Select “Set LootLocker Settings” in that category.
  3. Fill in the info from the LootLocker dashboard (LootLockerGameKey, Platform, Game Version, Development mode and AllowTokenRefresh). You should already have an account from https://my.lootlocker.io/login.
  4. You can now continue with connecting with LootLocker APIs via blueprint.

V1.0.1 #

  1. Navigate to Edit/Project Settings.

  2. Scroll down on the left panel until the plugins sections of the project settings.

  3. Click on LootLockerSDK.

  4. Modify the LootLockerGameKey, Platform, Game Version, Development mode and AllowTokenRefresh (Set to true if you want the LootLockerSDK to attempt to refresh the token if it expires).

Standard Calls #

Every LootLocker Method is static, meaning that you can right click and search for any LootLocker method you wish to use in all Blueprint event graphs. These methods are also put into categories for you to easily access.

Session/Authentication Request #

API Reference: https://docs.lootlocker.io/game-api/#player-verification

Using LootLocker with Steam requires “VerifyPlayer” to be the very first call made in blueprint. After a successful response from this call, you can follow up with the “StartSession” call.

One of the variables required by “VerifyPlayer” call is the “SteamIdentityToken” or “Steam Session Ticket”. You can retrieve this using the blueprint method found in our “Demo Project”.

In your own project, you have to follow the instructions found here. These instructions tell you how to enable the online subsystems of the Unreal Engine.

Note: You can not test authentication with steam in the editor, you need to package your game before it can connect to steam.

Subsequent Requests #

Please download the Sample Project available here. There you can check out sample Blueprint examples